Photographers Find Beauty in a Desolate New York City

One of the largest blizzards in New York’s history was scheduled to hit Monday. With up to 30 inches of snow expected, the entire city was at a standstill. No flights, no subway, no cars. Fortunately for NYC, the brunt of the storm landed elsewhere. Many photographers took to the streets to capture the calm in the midst of an uncertain situation. While many focus on the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple, sometimes it’s the absence that speaks the loudest.

NYC-Storm-DashGrey-3Image by Dash Grey

NYC-Storm-DashGrey-1Image by Dash Grey

NYC-Storm-DashGrey-2Image by Dash Grey

NYC-Storm-Anthony-Quintano-1Image by Anthony Quintano

NYC-Storm-Anthony-Quintano-2Image by Anthony Quintano

NYC-Storm-Anthony-Quintano-3Image by Anthony Quintano

NYC-Storm-newberynycImage by Newbery Rosario

NYC-Storm-Vivienne-Gucwa-1Image by Vivian Gucwa

NYC-Storm-Vivienne-Gucwa-2Image by Vivian Gucwa

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