Minimal Snowscapes From Vassilis Tangoulis

Living in a place like Winnipeg has it’s ups and downs. One of the downs is the soul-crushing, blisteringly cold, long winters. Sometimes all it takes is someone like Vassilis Tangoulis to point out the bright side of things. Not only does his work demonstrate a keen eye for composition and negative space, but Vassilis’ photos seem to highlight the calmness and isolation of winter in such a perfect way. I can’t help but put my self in the scene; walking through the snow hearing only my footsteps on the snow, my breathing, and the distant howl of the wind.

Vassilis-Tangoulis-1 Vassilis-Tangoulis-2 Vassilis-Tangoulis-3 Vassilis-Tangoulis-4 Vassilis-Tangoulis-5 Vassilis-Tangoulis-6 Vassilis-Tangoulis-7 Vassilis-Tangoulis-8

All images © Vassilis Tangoulis

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