Pizza in the Wild by Jonpaul Douglass

Los Angeles based photographer, Jonpaul Douglass started taking shots of ‘pizza in the wild’. Douglass¬†says it sort of took on a life of it’s own and that he never anticipated creating so many photos and hopes that the images at least give people a chuckle. Jonpaul seems to have a knack for placing the pie Read more

Beautifully Composed Photography by Phil Stockbridge

Photographer Phil Stockbridge somehow combines street photography, travel photography, and fine art to create a very unique style. His use of leading lines, negative space, and perception of scale really set Phil apart from many other photographers I’ve seen. His colour grading is also incredibly rich and used very effectively. All images ¬© Phil Stockbridge Read more

Architecture of Density

Hong Kong based photographer Michael Wolf has focused much of his work on documenting architecture and the culture of dense urban environments. Photo collections such as Tokyo Compression, Paris Rooftops, and Architecture of Density are prime examples of this. Wolf’s eye for perspective is truly something to behold. The combination of street and architectural photography Read more