The Most Minimal Playing Cards You’ll Ever See

Design studio Joe Doucet x Partners has taken one of the most iconic game pieces, and stripped them to their core with MINIM – the ultra-minimal playing cards. Reducing the usual busy patterns found on playing cards to a single diagonal line and a few geometric shapes is an incredibly striking change, brilliantly executed. I Read more

Texting in Film

In this video, Tony Zhou discusses an evolving facet of film – the text message. Zhou explains that with the boom of smartphone use in the modern age, it has to be represented in an elegant and concise way. And it seems filmmakers everywhere are refining a convention for delivering vital narrative information in an effective way. Read more

Mind-Blowing Digital Line Art

Illustrator Patrick Seymour has taken line art to the next level. His vast portfolio covers everything from portraits to typefaces, each more impressive than the last. He even designed the art for the Adobe Illustrator CC Splash Screen. I highly recommend taking some time to look at his typeface ‘Moiré’, which is comprised entirely of Read more