Bernardo Britto’s Powerful Short, ‘Yearbook’

Bernardo Britto‘s animated short, ‘Yearbook’ is one of those things that seems a little intriguing on the surface, but the deeper you go, the more powerful it becomes. ‘Yearbook’ tells the story of a man who is tasked with documenting the world’s history before it is destroyed. The film explores the man’s tortured mind at Read more

Inspiring Cinemagraphs by Julien Douvier

Cinemagraphs got really popular for a while and then seemed to just sort of fade away. That is, until I saw Julien Douvier‘s work. Not only are his images gorgeous on their own, his animations are perfectly seamless. It’s not easy to make a cinemagraph, especially at this level, and it takes a talented eye to understand Read more

Texting in Film

In this video, Tony Zhou discusses an evolving facet of film – the text message. Zhou explains that with the boom of smartphone use in the modern age, it has to be represented in an elegant and concise way. And it seems filmmakers everywhere are refining a convention for delivering vital narrative information in an effective way. Read more

‘Grape Soda’ Short Will Move You

‘Grape Soda’ is a powerful addition to writer-director Justin Robinson‘s collection. This 17 minute film explores life and loss in such an honest and raw way that you can’t help but immerse yourself in the story. While the slow pace may initially turn some people off, those who stick it out will be greatly rewarded Read more