Pizza in the Wild by Jonpaul Douglass

Los Angeles based photographer, Jonpaul Douglass started taking shots of ‘pizza in the wild’. Douglass says it sort of took on a life of it’s own and that he never anticipated creating so many photos and hopes that the images at least give people a chuckle.

Jonpaul seems to have a knack for placing the pie just right to create an image that you just can’t help but smile at. And those are real pizzas in the real world, by the way – no trickery or Photoshop. Apparently they are $5 Little Caesars pizzas that he often eats after getting the shot.

The project is still underway, and let’s hope that it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

Johnpaul Douglass - Pizza in the Wild Johnpaul Douglass - Pizza in the Wild Johnpaul Douglass - Pizza in the Wild Johnpaul Douglass - Pizza in the Wild Johnpaul Douglass - Pizza in the Wild Johnpaul Douglass - Pizza in the Wild

All images © Jonpaul Douglass

The Most Minimal Playing Cards You’ll Ever See

Design studio Joe Doucet x Partners has taken one of the most iconic game pieces, and stripped them to their core with MINIM – the ultra-minimal playing cards. Reducing the usual busy patterns found on playing cards to a single diagonal line and a few geometric shapes is an incredibly striking change, brilliantly executed. I particularly love the design of the suits.

Get yourself a deck here.

MINIM minimal playing cards MINIM minimal playing cards MINIM minimal playing cards MINIM minimal playing cards

All images © Joe Doucet x Partners

Brandon Stanton Raises Over $1M for Brooklyn School

First of all, if you’ve never heard of Brandon Stanton or his project Humans of New York, do yourself a favour and take a look. After Stanton lost his job as a bonds trader in 2010, he decided to pursue photography full time. In Brandon’s words, “I thought it would be really cool to create an exhaustive catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants, so I set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and plot their photos on a map. I worked for several months with this goal in mind, but somewhere along the way, HONY began to take on a much different character. I started collecting quotes and short stories from the people I met, and began including these snippets alongside the photographs.”

On January 19, Stanton posted a photo of a boy named Vidal with a caption.

Brandon Stanton - Humans of New York - Vidal

“Who’s influenced you the most in your life?” “My principal, Ms. Lopez.” “How has she influenced you?” “When we get in trouble, she doesn’t suspend us. She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us. And she tells us that each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. And one time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter.”

A few days later, Brandon went to go find Ms. Lopez.

Brandon Stanton - Humans of New York - Ms. Lopez

A couple days back, I posted the portrait of a young man who described an influential principal in his life by the name of Ms. Lopez. Yesterday I was fortunate to meet Ms. Lopez at her school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy.“This is a neighborhood that doesn’t necessarily expect much from our children, so at Mott Hall Bridges Academy we set our expectations very high. We don’t call the children ‘students,’ we call them ‘scholars.’ Our color is purple. Our scholars wear purple and so do our staff. Because purple is the color of royalty. I want my scholars to know that even if they live in a housing project, they are part of a royal lineage going back to great African kings and queens. They belong to a group of individuals who invented astronomy and math. And they belong to a group of individuals who have endured so much history and still overcome. When you tell people you’re from Brownsville, their face cringes up. But there are children here that need to know that they are expected to succeed.”

Brandon spent the afternoon with Ms. Lopez and her Assistant Principal Ms. Achu brainstorming ideas about how Humans of New York could help Mott Hall Bridges Academy. They decided to create a fund that will provide every incoming 6th grade class a chance to visit Harvard University.

I want every child who enters my school to know that they can go anywhere, and that they will belong

– Ms. Lopez

Brandon-Stanton-HONY-4 Brandon-Stanton-HONY-5 Brandon-Stanton-HONY-6 Brandon-Stanton-HONY-7

Within the first 24 hours, they had raised enough money to make the Harvard trip a permanent part of the MHBA curriculum. When the funds reached $700,00, Stanton announced that all further funds would be used to start a scholarship called The Vidal Scholarship Fund, and the first recipient will be Vidal.

The fund has reached over $1.1M just 9 days after it began, with another 9 days to go. Visit the Indiegogo page to donate.

Brandon-Stanton-HONY-8All photos © Brandon Stanton


Photographers Find Beauty in a Desolate New York City

One of the largest blizzards in New York’s history was scheduled to hit Monday. With up to 30 inches of snow expected, the entire city was at a standstill. No flights, no subway, no cars. Fortunately for NYC, the brunt of the storm landed elsewhere. Many photographers took to the streets to capture the calm in the midst of an uncertain situation. While many focus on the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple, sometimes it’s the absence that speaks the loudest.

NYC-Storm-DashGrey-3Image by Dash Grey

NYC-Storm-DashGrey-1Image by Dash Grey

NYC-Storm-DashGrey-2Image by Dash Grey

NYC-Storm-Anthony-Quintano-1Image by Anthony Quintano

NYC-Storm-Anthony-Quintano-2Image by Anthony Quintano

NYC-Storm-Anthony-Quintano-3Image by Anthony Quintano

NYC-Storm-newberynycImage by Newbery Rosario

NYC-Storm-Vivienne-Gucwa-1Image by Vivian Gucwa

NYC-Storm-Vivienne-Gucwa-2Image by Vivian Gucwa

Before They Pass Away

Between 2010 & 2013 Jimmy Nelson travelled the world to document some of the most fantastic indigenous cultures left on the planet today. He had come to realize that from a life spent travelling that his camera was the perfect tool for making contact and building intimate and unique friendships. Relationships with hither to unknown and understood communities in some of the farther most reaches of the planet. He wanted to discover how the rest of the world is threatening to change their way of life forever. But most importantly, he wanted to create an ambitious aesthetic photographic document that would stand the test of time.

Jimmy’s projects title ‘Before they pass away’ is intended to be a controversial catalyst for further discussion as to the authenticity of these fragile disappearing cultures. Nelson is not a studied scientist but rather an self trained and visual anthropologist who through curiosity is trying to find answers.  He wants to tell stories that leave room for the recipient’s questions. With the project Nelson tried next to creating a photographic document, creating an awareness for the fascinating variety of the culture- and history charged symbols of the people, reflecting their rites, customs and traditions, that had hitherto has not existed.

Buy the book here.

Jimmy-Nelson-1-huli Jimmy-Nelson-2-chukchi Jimmy-Nelson-3-maori Jimmy-Nelson-4-asaro Jimmy-Nelson-5-maori Jimmy-Nelson-6-MASAI Jimmy-Nelson-7-mustang

All images © Jimmy Nelson

Minimal Snowscapes From Vassilis Tangoulis

Living in a place like Winnipeg has it’s ups and downs. One of the downs is the soul-crushing, blisteringly cold, long winters. Sometimes all it takes is someone like Vassilis Tangoulis to point out the bright side of things. Not only does his work demonstrate a keen eye for composition and negative space, but Vassilis’ photos seem to highlight the calmness and isolation of winter in such a perfect way. I can’t help but put my self in the scene; walking through the snow hearing only my footsteps on the snow, my breathing, and the distant howl of the wind.

Vassilis-Tangoulis-1 Vassilis-Tangoulis-2 Vassilis-Tangoulis-3 Vassilis-Tangoulis-4 Vassilis-Tangoulis-5 Vassilis-Tangoulis-6 Vassilis-Tangoulis-7 Vassilis-Tangoulis-8

All images © Vassilis Tangoulis

320 Icelanders

Varya Lozenko moved to Iceland in 2007. While there, she began to ask people why Iceland was so different from other countries, and the most common response:

‘Because we are so few: there are no crowds, no competition, no stress. We are not each other’s rivals the way it is in so many other countries. We have learnt to respect everyone’s uniqueness and live in a community where everyone is important. Everyone is a VIP.”

Lozenko decided to try to capture the essence of the people of Iceland by photographing 320 of them. One for every thousand in the country. This would include everyone from infants to the elderly, and all socio-economic status’.

Keep up with Varya’s progess on Facebook

Varya-Lozenko-1 Varya-Lozenko-2 Varya-Lozenko-3 Varya-Lozenko-4 Varya-Lozenko-5 Varya-Lozenko-6 Varya-Lozenko-7

All images © Varya Lozenko

Bernardo Britto’s Powerful Short, ‘Yearbook’

Bernardo Britto‘s animated short, ‘Yearbook’ is one of those things that seems a little intriguing on the surface, but the deeper you go, the more powerful it becomes. ‘Yearbook’ tells the story of a man who is tasked with documenting the world’s history before it is destroyed. The film explores the man’s tortured mind at having such an important responsibility, as well as not being able to warn anyone about their impending demise, including his wife.

In an interview with Filmmaker Magazine, Britto says that the inspiration for the story was how he reflected on his own work, in that it is unlikely to stand the test of time, saying, “How do you deal with making things people won’t remember 100, 200, 300 years from now?”

‘Yearbook’ was featured on The New Yorker’s new Shorts Catalogue, and was the winner of the Short Film Jury Prize for Animation at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Erik Johansson’s Fantastical Photo Manipulations

You may have seen his work before but you’ve never seen anything like it that is quite so polished. Swedish photographer Erik Johansson‘s photo manipulations are at a level that few can achieve. You know it’s not real, but you can’t seem to spot any imperfections. This is a guy who knows his way around Photoshop. Combine that with a limitless imagination and you’ve got a winner.

Erik JohanssonErik Johansson Erik Johansson Erik Johansson Erik Johansson Erik Johansson

All images © Erik Johansson

432 Park Avenue

The people over at Rafael Viñoly Architects have taken it up a notch.

432 Park Avenue in New York is planned to be the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere at almost 1,400 feet. This luxury apartment will be complete with a restaurant, lounge, outdoor terrace, gym, billiards room, spa, pool, and massage therapy room. The suites will feature 12 and a half foot ceilings and 10 by 10 foot windows. If you’re lucky enough to score a penthouse suite, you could have 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a 360 degree view of the city – all stuffed in to over 8,000 square feet, for the low price of around $82 Million. If you’re the frugal type, you can get a 2 bedroom, 3 bath for only $17 Million.

Price aside, this place is stunning. With marble, glass, and a New York skyline as far as the eye can see, this will be an incredible addition to Manhattan.

432-Park-Avenue-1 432-Park-Avenue-2 432-Park-Avenue-3 432-Park-Avenue-4 432-Park-Avenue-5 432-Park-Avenue-6 432-Park-Avenue-7